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Writing for Me

I’m prolific,
It’s terrific,
Ideas pouring out!
Can’t conceive,
Or believe,
I had any doubts.

Yesterday my pen refused,
To scribble on the page,
I’d begun to hunker down,
Submit to middle age.

I thought I had nothing to say,
The world would want to hear,
Worried I’d be criticised,
Now somehow, I don’t care. 

With this subtle shift in attitude,
My morning habits have changed,
Leaping out of bed,
I cannot wait to hit the page.

Snuggle into my favourite chair,
Mohair on my knee,
Mind is quiet, brain is full,
Wrapped in poetry.

Now when I sit down to write,
I do it just for love,
I’m prolific,
It’s terrific,
And that is good enough

© Lisa Nimmo 23/05/2019

Lisa Nimmo is an author, poet and mum of two teenagers, based in Wellington New Zealand. To receive more poems like these direct to your inbox, enter your details here:

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