Help your child master their financial future, one coin at a time.

This gorgeous piggy bank set provides a fun and interactive way to help children learn about money.

Each set includes 3 colourful, teaching piggy banks, offering 3 times the value of other piggy banks.  Each pig is made from quality ceramic material and has a hole and fitted stopper in the bottom for money removal.  Rubber pads are on each foot to protect furniture surfaces.

Displayed together on a shelf these are super cute and will help small children see that money is not only for saving, but for spending and sharing as well.

Designed for small hands to hold, these 4” x 4” x 4” kids money banks allow your child to engage and learn that saving, spending and sharing work together as the three key pillars of smart money handling.  Combined, the three pigs provide ample storage space for money.

Each set comes with a free downloadable eBook ‘Let’s Talk Money Honey – 20 fun and interactive money education games for kids.’  The book can help make your kid a money genius, building confidence and an understanding of what money is, it’s purpose and value.

A charming baby shower gift to welcome new baby, from aunt or uncle to niece, or a grandparents gift.  Ideal godparents gift for a baptism or christening or even a toddler sibling gift for when new baby arrives.

Securely packaged in a beautiful, whimsical gift box that includes instructions on how to get the most from their 3 Smart Piggies, this will bring delight to any child.

The USA President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability recommends that in order to be on track to live a ‘financially smart life’ a child’s financial education should begin between the ages of 3 and 5. 

 Give your child the best possible start for a life of financial success.

Get your 3 Smart Piggies today.

Download your FREE copy of ‘Let’s Talk Money Honey’ here