Blame It On Abba reviews *

Triumphant, shattering, simply riveting!
“Very hard to put down…this story is like going on a roller coaster as we are swept up in a journey from the heart, where the highs are simply triumphant and the lows totally shattering – I would strongly recommend it to anyone as an example of what can be achieved with hard work, passion, innovation and planning – it is simply riveting!” – Tim Jones

Vulnerably honest
“I couldn’t put it down. Blame It On Abba is so vulnerably honest of a woman’s pursuit and achievement in accomplishing her childhood dream, no matter her age. I felt myself traveling with Lisa on every page. I’m totally inspired!”  – Leanne Babcock

Left me reflecting on my own dreams
“A perfect book to read on holiday – robbed me of my first nights’ sleep! An engagingly honest recount full of determination and grit that has left me reflecting on my own dreams.” – Deborah Sorensen

Inspirational, but no fairy tale!
“Candid, honest, inspirational – and what a story! Blame it on Abba is such a great read…but believe me this book is not a fairy tale! It’s a story of determination, knock backs and overcoming obstacles, of inspiration and keeping going when the going gets tough. And ultimately of being brave enough to question your dream.”  – Lynley Lewis

Made me want to dust of my paint brush
“An engaging, easy read. I highly recommend it. It was quite the roller coaster and I enjoyed the honesty and that the hard bits weren’t airbrushed. It made me want to dust off my paint brush… but not give up my day job!”  – Fleur Chalmers

An essential read for anyone who has a dream
“…Engaging, gritty, and motivational. Throughout the book, Lisa persuasively argues that popstars are made-not born. Through sheer tenacity, resourcefulness, business acumen, and clearly some hidden raw talent, Lisa provides the readers with an insight into how one’s childhood dream can come true. Living the dream, however, can also be challenging..…raw, open, and honest yet simultaneously it is also inspiring and heart-warming.”  – Kirstie Morgan

I read it in 72 hours straight
“Guessing I’m roughly the same age as Lisa, I totally understood her struggle from the corporate world into a new and exciting career with all the daily challenges life brings. I was inspired by her bravery and determination when all the odds seemed stacked against her. I read the book in 72 hrs straight. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an interesting read about breaking out of your comfort zone and reaching for the stars.”  – Trudi Bennett

Written from the heart, for the heart
“A book written from the heart for the heart. Lisa’s honest portrayal of attaining and living the musical dream is both captivating and inspiring. Her easy and informative style of writing held me within the story and her sheer energy of desire to succeed ensured at times I couldn’t put the book down. This book is a wonderful read for the enlightenment of what it takes to truly follow one’s dream and the intricacies of the highs and lows of what this actually demands of the person and those closest to them.”  – Sue Murray

My teenage daughters couldn’t put it down
“What a great read, Lisa takes us on the amazing journey of self-discovery and pursuing her dreams. An honest uplifting story which will captivate everyone, including my two teenage daughters who could not put it down. Everything you need to know to turn those long dormant dreams into reality, it is never too late! This book could be just the ticket to reignite that passion, yet keep you grounded.”  – Kelly Cinque

A rollicking, full on-adventure
“Lisa Nimmo’s energy, creativity and commitment is mind-boggling.This honest account of a full-on adventure into the world of professional music and personal development is intriguing, and I couldn’t put it down.” – Sue Chamberlain

Fast paced, absorbing, and fun
“Anyone who dreams of success in any field will be inspired by this book and its compelling message that ‘Anything Is Possible’, but Lisa’s roller-coaster account of achieving her dream is only part of what her book offers. She is honest and perceptive in revisiting the whole story so that it rings very true. Fast paced, absorbing, and fun.”  – Alma Parr

A reminder of where our dreams can take us
“I started reading this book and couldn’t put it down! An inspirational account of how Lisa Nimmo had the courage and belief in herself to become a recording artist and performer- ending up on a wild ride sharing the same stage with household names and seeing the good, and the bad, sides of the music industry along the way. A timely reminder of the courage it takes to follow a dream and the places it can take you.” – Kate Styles

A wonderful, easy read … inspirational.
“A wonderful, easy read this story of a woman’s pursuit of her dream is inspirational.  At times brutally honest, the highs and lows that Lisa went through chasing her dream captivate you as a reader. This story reminds us all that with courage, determination, love and passion we can overcome our fears and “Live our Dream”  – Bev-Anne Jennings

A roller coaster ride!
“Blame it on ABBA is such a fabulous book. I was hooked from the start and struggled to put the book down. It was like a rollercoaster going through the highs and lows with Lisa.”  – Erica McCrae

A great, easy read
“A truly remarkable account of one woman’s transformation from corporate sales to professional singer. An inspiring narrative and a great easy read – recommended for any audience”  – Anna Bryers

Raw, poignant and inspiring
“I loved this story. It’s an interesting peek into the NZ music industry from the point of view of a brave woman who, against ageism and industry odds, walks away from her day job to pursue her rock-chick dream. It’s an engaging, uplifting but also frequently raw and poignant reminder of how self-doubt can hold us back. Lisa fearlessly documents her personal struggles along the way, but there is also tremendous joy and success. Her perseverance, courage and ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ attitude makes this an inspiring read.”   – Liz Gibson

A great behind the scenes insight into a musicians life
“A really enjoyable read and a great insight into behind the scenes of a musicians life. Lisa has given a very honest account of the daily struggles. I admire the strength and determination she has shown to pursue her dream. An added bonus is that much of the setting is in Wellington, New Zealand which brings back lots of memories for me. I was in the audience for some of the gigs in the story.” – Tracey Quirke

Honesty, tenacity, determination
“I loved the honesty, tenacity, determination, sheer passion, humour and mixed emotions that sang out from this book.”  – Susie Jones

Engaging and brutally honest
“A thoroughly engaging read. It has just the right amount of nostalgia, tempered with the brutal honesty of just how much effort and commitment is required to follow your dreams and succeed in the music business.”  – Gary Klocek

A reminder of what we can all achieve
“..A candid account of what it takes to realise your dream—hard work, persistence, resilience as well as patience and talent. A reminder that it’s not to late to take a risk and see what you can achieve, you might surprise yourself.”  – Maree Hart

The joys and hardships of fulfilling a dream
“An inspirational story, that gives a true reflection of the joys and hardships of fulfilling a dream. Loved that it was an easy read too.”  – Gita Dahya

Some useful tools and skills
“I have not read a book for years, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one – so inspiring and open about the journey to achieve a dream. Plus, it includes some useful tools and skills to help us achieve our own.”  – Tracy Wypych

A fun easy read with a lot of heart
“I really enjoyed Lisa’s story of her journey from sporty spice wannabe to professional musician, particularly when she took us though the hard times, from dick-head band members to lactating while filming music videos. Blame it on Abba is funny, honest, and inspiring, and a must read for anyone with a big dream!” – Kate Norquay

I felt every emotion
“An open and honest account of the highs and lows of an incredible journey of self-discovery.  I think I felt every emotion Lisa went through, the fear, the excitement, the disappointment, the extremes highs and the accompanying lows. Just amazing!  I had trouble putting the book down and now my 12 year old son is totally engrossed in this story. A great piece of writing.” – Nicky Butler

An eye-opening ‘behind the scenes’ account of the music industry
“A great read and hard to put down! An inspirational story that takes you on a real journey, illustrating the highs and lows of following your dreams and being true to yourself. It proves that with hard work and determination anything is possible. I also found it an eye-opening account of how much hard work goes on behind the scenes in the music industry.” – Sarah Inkster

A leap of faith
“A leap of faith to follow a dream and the journey that followed. A really honest heartfelt account of Lisa’s chase of the Aba dream, and the unwavering belief and support of her husband along the way. I enjoyed the chatty narrative and easy read.” – Sharon Davis

Gritty, brave and entertaining
“What an entertaining journey Lisa travelled to turn her dream to a reality. This is a brave, honest story about the grit it takes to reinvent yourself and bring a dream to life.” – Jane Fergusson

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