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Tim Minchin - photo ABC news

Tim F’ing Minchin

Audio version


Owning the moment,
A master at large,
Effortlessly making,
Each one of us laugh.

It’s the tip of the iceberg,
We see on the stage,
Not the talent and toil,
That begins with a page,

Up with the sparrows,
Pad and pen,
Seven mornings a week
From five thirty a.m.

When the mind is fertile,
Full of ideas,
Expectations are low,
Cos nobody cares,

At this point in the game,
When the thoughts start to form,
Begin taking shape,
And an artwork is born.

But what happens next,
Sorts the pros from the rest,
Do you file it away,
And move on to the next?

Or do you plant that page,
In your mind like a seed ,
Let it grow and become,
A rock opera on cheese.

Or a poem for the driver of a mitsubishi colt,
An Ode to a Ginger, or a Trump revolt,
A song about loving somebody else,
Taking lonely tonight,
Leaving LA for self,
Respect and renewal,
Like phoenix from flame,
Golden locks flying,
A genius at play.

Tim Minchin, you’re a wonder,
Clever as fuck,
Keep telling stories,
And don’t ever grow up!

© Lisa Nimmo  20/04/19

If Monday wasn’t Monday

Audio version


If Monday wasn’t Monday
What could it be instead?
Maybe Saturday or Sunday,
I’d get to stay in bed.

If Monday wasn’t Monday,
I could wake at my own speed,
Wander to the kitchen,
And brew a pot of tea.

No rushing out the door,
To walk the dog before I eat,
Eggs on toast with mushies,
For breakfast what a treat!

If Monday wasn’t Monday,
It would simply be a someday,
A make-it-what-you-want day,
Have a huge amount of fun day.

Maybe I’ll take Monday,
And give it a little twist,
Or skip straight through to Tuesday,
And see if Monday’s missed.

It’s just one day out of seven,
After all, it’s no big deal,
Twenty four less hours,
And only three less meals.

But what if then my Tuesday,
Starts to lose it’s Tuesday shine?
And starts to feel like Monday,
It’d have been a waste of time.

I guess I’m stuck with Monday,
Might as well give it some zing,
Call it Magic Monday,
Let it be a whole new thing.

Oh yes I LOVE Magic Monday,
Freshest day of the week,
New beginnings and adventures,
The world right at my feet.

Monday’s SO exciting now,
It’s a whole new phase,
Thank you Magic Monday,
You’re my favourite day!

© Lisa Nimmo 09/04/19

Writing for Me

I’m prolific,
It’s terrific,
Ideas pouring out!
Can’t conceive,
Or believe,
I had any doubts.

Yesterday my pen refused,
To scribble on the page,
I’d begun to hunker down,
Submit to middle age.

I thought I had nothing to say,
The world would want to hear,
Worried I’d be criticised,
Now somehow, I don’t care. 

With this subtle shift in attitude,
My morning habits have changed,
Leaping out of bed,
I cannot wait to hit the page.

Snuggle into my favourite chair,
Mohair on my knee,
Mind is quiet, brain is full,
Wrapped in poetry.

Now when I sit down to write,
I do it just for love,
I’m prolific,
It’s terrific,
And that is good enough

© Lisa Nimmo 23/05/2019

Time’s a Ticking

Audio version


Tick tock, tick tock,
The clock is ticking,
Is it not?

Seconds become minutes,
Hours stretch to days,
Days turn to weeks and months,
A year soon drifts away.

1967 morphs
to 2019,
What-the-willow have I done,
With all the time between?

Yes, I went to school,
And then I studied a bit more,
Did it make me smarter,
Than what I was before?

Probably, but possibly not,
I did learn a few facts,
But have I still retained them,
I can’t be sure of that!

Some days I can’t remember,
What I did the day before,
Let alone what I learned,
In 1984!

I guess what I am saying is,
My mind has holes in it,
One for every hangover,
And cigarette I lit

Now where was I, I forgot,
The purpose of these lines,
Ah, that’s right, they started,
With the tick tocking of time.

Fifty thousand hours,
I have worked to earn the bread,
Fifty more I’ve slept,
Snuggled warmly in my bed.

As for all the other,
Fifty thousand hours,
They seem a lot, till they’re not,
I’ve used them all, but how?

I’ve watched a bit of Netflix,
Kept on top of Facebook feeds,
Read my daily emails,
Candy Crushed myself to sleep.

YouTube videos
Have kept me entertained,
I’ve mastered Stars Wars Battlefront
And other X-Box games.

Podcasts educate me
In between reading the news,
Talkback hosts bombard me,
With random people’s views

Google is responsible,
For thieving many days,
Amazon and EBay surely
Sucking up my pay.

Actually I’ve done quite a lot,
Now it’s written down,
Just look at all these things I’ve done,
I’m feeling pretty proud.

I must begin to mark them off,
Tickity tick tick tick,
But wait on, none of these to-do’s
Feature on my list!

What am I to do?
I’m fifty thousand hours down,
Don’t know how many more I have,
And too afraid to count!

Tick tock, tick tock,
My time’s not over yet,
Though I might just get a move on
And step up for what is left.

© Lisa Nimmo 20/05/2019

Global Warrior

Audio version


Five foot five and fifteen,
Doll-faced and blue eyed,
She wanders in the lecture hall,
To open up her mind

She looks like any other,
Teenage girl off to the park,
But behind the denim dungarees,
Lies a brave, warrior heart.

Swinging her bag down on the desk,
She reveals her weapons of choice,
Notepad, pen and highlighters,
Tools to discover her voice.

Fossil fuels, carbon zero,
Ocean acidification,
To build a better world she knows,
It starts with education.

Gathering facts and knowledge,
From many different sources,
Our warrior shapes her own ideas,
Begins to make some choices:

Less meat on the dinner table
Take the bus and train
Say ‘No’ to plastic on the shelves
Ask friends to do the same
Beeswax wraps each day for lunch
Build compost in the yard
Boil the Wa cup once a month
These changes aren’t that hard

The challenges of the future,
Aren’t so big they can’t be solved,
With focused daily action,
And commitment to get involved.

I’m proud of my young warrior,
And her climate dedication,
At five foot five and fifteen,
She’s an inspiration.

© Lisa Nimmo 19/05/19

Laugh your face off in one minute

Laugh your face off in one minute

Last week I sent a txt to my teenage daughter and (even though she was probably in maths at the time) she replied immediately.

“Mum did you really just send me a txt with OMG in it”
“Yeah, so?”
“You’re soooo funny”
“Why?” (confused emoji)
“My friends are all laughing so hard (lol emoji)”
“Why? What’s so funny!”
No reply

Clearly I’m a few steps behind in the latest txt speak and I’m not the only one in our family on the receiving end of teenage mockery. My husband’s usual quips and one-liners have recently become ‘Dad jokes’. Admittedly (and I’m sure he agrees) they’re not always what you’d call ‘award-winning material’, but we’ve still laughed. Now it seems, our kids have moved on from laughing with us, to at us.

However there’s one game we’ve played since they were small that still gets us all laughing together, and at no one’s expense. Afterwards we feel energised, uplifted and we head out into the world with huge smiles on our faces.

If you haven’t played it before, get the clan or your workmates together and give it a go – you won’t regret it.

The Laughing Game
Players required: 2 or more (must be fully committed)
Time required: 1 minute

How to play:

  1. Players stand facing each other, or in a circle facing inwards
  2. Appoint a timekeeper and set the timer to go off in one minute
  3. The timekeepers starts the clock and says ‘Go!’
  4. All players must immediately begin fake laughing as hard as they possibly can and they must not stop for the entire minute. This requires commitment, and a willingness to look rather foolish. There will be an initial few seconds of discomfort but players must push through this initial stage, forcing out the fake laughter. Do whatever’s required – shake your belly and pretend to be Santa, slap your hands on your knees or your neighbour’s back, drop and roll around on the floor, go as hard as you possibly can for the full minute duration until the timer calls ‘Stop’.
  5. After the first awkward seconds you will notice a shift, where the fake laughing starts to become real. Everyone (yourself included) will look so ridiculous you simply won’t be able to help it. But, don’t allow this genuine laughter to slow you down, keep forcing the belly laughter until the full minute is up.

The result
When the game is over you’ll feel a total energy shift in the room and everyone around you will be grinning from ear to ear, looking alive and invigorated. (In our house, the only one left looking a little startled is the dog!)

Life can get pretty serious sometimes and the health and wellbeing benefits of laughter are undisputed – reduction in stress, lowering of blood pressure, boost to immune function and an increased sense of energy.

I hope you give The Laughing Game a go, and that it gets your kids (and maybe even your workmates) laughing with you rather than at you.


Until next time,

Lisa x


Have you given The Laughing Game a try? If so, I’d love to hear how it went. Enter your comment below (you don’t need to enter your name and email address details – just ignore those fields if you prefer.) Or, you can email me your feedback here.

Lisa Nimmo is an author, speaker and mum of two teenagers, based in Wellington New Zealand. If you’d like to know more visit lisanimmo.com

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