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Writing for Me

I’m prolific,
It’s terrific,
Ideas pouring out!
Can’t conceive,
Or believe,
I had any doubts.

Yesterday my pen refused,
To scribble on the page,
I’d begun to hunker down,
Submit to middle age.

I thought I had nothing to say,
The world would want to hear,
Worried I’d be criticised,
Now somehow, I don’t care. 

With this subtle shift in attitude,
My morning habits have changed,
Leaping out of bed,
I cannot wait to hit the page.

Snuggle into my favourite chair,
Mohair on my knee,
Mind is quiet, brain is full,
Wrapped in poetry.

Now when I sit down to write,
I do it just for love,
I’m prolific,
It’s terrific,
And that is good enough

© Lisa Nimmo 23/05/2019


A soft, warm bed
On a chilly winter morning.
I could lie here,
All day long,
Wrapped in the comfort
Of Nothingness.

The mattress pulls me in,
Holds me down.
Here I am safe,
From expectation, disappointment,
And mistakes that
I know I will make.

Do not ask me to leave,
Or suggest that I’ll feel better,
When I’m showered,
And dressed.
I will not. I will not.
I will not.

© Lisa Nimmo 22/05/2019