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Tim F’ing Minchin

  Owning the moment, A master at large, Effortlessly making, Each one of us laugh. It’s the tip of the iceberg, We see on the… Read more

If Monday wasn’t Monday

  If Monday wasn’t Monday What could it be instead? Maybe Saturday or Sunday, I’d get to stay in bed. If Monday wasn’t Monday, I… Read more

Leaving Home

  I had all kinds of fantasies About today, Standing on the side of the road, Waiting for our futures to arrive, On a big… Read more

The Audition

  Mum took me to an audition, I had to stand and sing, To a man at a piano, With a gold and diamond ring.… Read more

Letting go

  I know you want what’s best for me, Pass my exams, earn my degree, Get a job, pay my student loan, Fall in love,… Read more

Footy Dad

  Dad comes to watch my football, Every Saturday, He says he wants to help my game, Improve the way I play. He paces up… Read more

Writing for Me

I’m prolific, It’s terrific, Ideas pouring out! Can’t conceive, Or believe, I had any doubts. Yesterday my pen refused, To scribble on the page, I’d… Read more


A soft, warm bed On a chilly winter morning. I could lie here, All day long, Wrapped in the comfort Of Nothingness. The mattress pulls… Read more

Time’s a Ticking

  Tick tock, tick tock, The clock is ticking, Is it not? Seconds become minutes, Hours stretch to days, Days turn to weeks and months,… Read more

Global Warrior

  Five foot five and fifteen, Doll-faced and blue eyed, She wanders in the lecture hall, To open up her mind She looks like any… Read more


  The ritual starts at 3pm, She bursts through the door, home from war, Of battles fought with ‘so called’ friends. How dare they bruise… Read more


This is my moment, To have, to hold, To take risks, be brave, Creative and bold. This is my moment, To stand up and be… Read more

Laugh your face off in one minute

Laugh your face off in one minute

Last week I sent a txt to my teenage daughter and (even though she was probably in maths at the time) she replied immediately. “Mum… Read more

Pic's peanut butter

What peanut butter taught me about life

Recently I was at a conference where I heard peanut butter guy, Pic Picot speak.  As he told his story, from making his first jar… Read more

Words too beautiful not to share…

I happened to come across these words in The Dom last week, buried at the bottom of an article about Stephen Hawking not believing in… Read more