Hi, I’m Lisa

A few years ago, I had a dream to write a book.  I wanted to tell the story of how I’d chased another dream a decade earlier to become a pop star.  The pop star dream was a stretch, especially starting at the age of 32, but the author dream was just as challenging, albeit in a totally different way. 

At the time I was working 40 hours a week as a marketing consultant.  I knew that between work and raising my two kids, there was no way I’d find the time or headspace to make my writing dream come true.

I decided to reduce my work hours to allow myself time to write. It was a big decision as it meant a drop in income, but my husband and I agreed that as long as we could still scrape together enough to pay the bills, then why not go for it?

In May 2018 I achieved my dream and published my book – ‘Blame it On Abba’.  I’m really proud of it, not just because I wrote a jolly good read, but for what the writing of it taught me and for who it allowed me to become.

I believe the best dreams, are those we have when we’re awake, and life gets really exciting when we find the courage and determination to go after them.

My latest dream is to grow an ecommerce business that creates and delivers products for a better world. As with the dreams before it, I’m taking it one day at a time and already ‘Happy Jack Innovation’ feels like a great adventure.

Thanks for stopping by.

Lisa Nimmo


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