It’s never too late to follow your heart and become who you were born to be.

As a child, Lisa Nimmo’s burning desire to sing was extinguished by a school choir teacher, who convinced her she didn’t have what it takes.

Twenty-three years later an unexpected brush with the stage re-awakens her singing dream, catapulting Lisa, now 32, on a bold quest to chase the music career she thought she’d never have.

Within just six years, Lisa’s step by step approach and razor-sharp focus takes her from closet-karaoke-singing-salesperson to professional musician and recording artist, sharing the stage with Sir Elton John and Eric Clapton.

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“Blame It On Abba successfully crosses genres from memoir to business goal-setting and life-coaching manual … an honest examination of what “living the dream” can really entail.“ NZ Herald

Successfully crossing genres from memoir to business goal-setting and self-coaching manual, Blame It On Abba is a real-life example of the courage and commitment it takes to follow your heart and chase a dream. Chock full of practical advice, goal-getting strategies and ways to bust through fear and resistance, this entertaining adventure story of one woman’s dream, provides the tools and inspiration to go after your own.

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